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Joyous Leader Podcast

Oct 14, 2018

Our challenges expand us and bring us closer to our dreams.  Keep moving, Joyous!

Sep 9, 2018

Do you know that essential oils can help you heal physically, emotionally, and mentally? 

 Essential oils promote feelings of confidence and courage and will replace negative emotions like guilt and pessimism.

Listen in for practical tips.  Email me at if you'd like to learn more.  Check out

Sep 9, 2018

Are you successful but stressed?  Listen to this podcast that explores different tools to manage stress.  If we don't manage our stress, we will not feel our joy!

Sep 9, 2018

At times, we get so focused on what we don't do week that we lose sight of our talents and gifts.  You are talented, my friend.  So let's put our gifts to work!